Ty Howard Ty Howard

"Mr. Untie the Knots®"

Ty works with executives, leaders, organizations,
teams and individuals who want to become
more efficient, cohesive, and untied.

Ty Howard is the founder, CEO and editor-in-dhief of the online magazine, MOTIVATION. He's a nationally recognized dynamic motivational keynote speaker, organizational development consultant, personal and professional development consultant, best-selling author, hazing and bullying prevention expert, and the creator and lead facilitator of the registered trademarks Untie the Knots® Process and You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!!TM Process.

Ty Howard, a.k.a. Mr. Untie the Knots®, is an internationally respected authority on self-development and business-development. He is a habits and performance intervention specialist, relationship expert, teacher, professional development consultant, and author who has dedicated his life to teaching knots-free living and relationship-building to organizations, individuals, and families around the world. His business acumen and easy-to-follow-and-apply strategies have propelled top organizations to frequently seek his counsel and advice. His admirable communication skills have helped him become one of America's most popular professional speakers on the circuit today. Ty's solid research and practical strategies background have made him a trusted source for professional and personal development guidance on five continents.



Most Requested Topics:

1) Untie the Knots® That Tie Up Your Life

2) Untie the Knots® Improving Habits and Morale Inside the Workplace

3) Excelling in Teamwork

4) Building an Attitude of Excellence

5) Untie the Knots®: How to Ride the Waves of C.H.A.N.G.E.

6) Re-Capturing & Re-Igniting Your Passion

7) Tying Into a Better YOUTM


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Sylvia Baffour Sylvia Baffour

Sylvia Baffour, Ms. Leap Beyond BarriersTM, is regarded as one of America's most inspiring young speakers on the circuit today. As a talented author, life coach and speaker, she has an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and gender. Sylvia has traveled to and lived in over 20 countries across the globe and speaks five languages. As a result of her worldly exposure, she has acquired a remarkable ability to relate to people from all walks of life.

Most Requested Topics:

1) Leaping Beyond BarriersTM to Embrace and Celebrate Diversity

2) Woman Up and LEAP into Your Light

3) Unleash the Winning Leader Within

4) The Power of Positivity: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset for Lifetime Success

5) Loving YOU—No Matter What You Do: Finding Breath, Peace and Better Health in a Fast-Paced, Multi-Tasking and Challenging World


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